The billing contact on your team will be charged as seats are added, and credited as seats are removed (prorated). The same applies to changing between Monthly and Annual plans – your seats will be prorated for the remainder of the billing duration, and you will be charged immediately for the new plan.

Let's say you sign up for the Monthly plan on July 1st and two others join your team during the trial. After your free two-week trial elapses, you'll be charged $57 ($19/mo x 3 seats), and your monthly billing date will be set to the 15th of the month. Now let's say that on July 25th you add a new seat by inviting a colleague to join your team. When they confirm their email address and accept your team invitation, you will be charged $38 right away ($76 for 4 total seats, minus $38 to credit your unused time for 3 seats: 20d left in month, or ⅔ x $19 x 3 existing seats). Your next billing date will be extended to August 25th, at which point you'd pay $76 (unless you add or remove seats within that timeframe).

All payments are processed by Stripe. Please don't hesitate to reach out to support if you have any questions.
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