A project on FeaturePeek represents a GitHub repository. You can create as many projects as you'd like – you won't be billed extra for them.

To create a new project, start by adding a peek.yml file to one of your existing front-end repos and opening up a new pull request. You can do this manually by checking in the file and opening a PR on GitHub, or you can do it automatically by following the instructions on the New project page.

First, select the repository in your organiation / personal account that you'd like to integrate with FeaturePeek. If your expected repo doesn't appear, confirm that you don't have third-party OAuth restrictions enabled.

Then, select whether your front-end is a static or Docker architecture. If you need help deciding, read Difference between static and Docker builds in our documentation.

Finally, click the "Create pull request" button. This will open up a new pull request on your repo containing the required peek.yml file.

Important: Your environment will not spin up until you have added a step in your Continuous Integration pipeline that pings FeaturePeek. Read our documentation to see how to run the command for your particular CI provider.
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