A team on FeaturePeek is tied to a GitHub organization or personal account. There can only be one GitHub organization/account per FeaturePeek team. Every FeaturePeek user is a part of at least one team, whether or not there are other people on the team.

When you create a new FeaturePeek account, you can either create a new team, or join an existing one.

At any time, you can create a new team by clicking the Plus icon in the bottom left of your Dashboard.

Click the plus icon to create a new team

You'll need to install the GitHub app on the organization or account that you intend to link. You will need to have admin privileges on GitHub in order to do so.

Next, you'll select one organization or account to link with your FeaturePeek team. If you do not see the organization or account appear, you may need to disable third-party OAuth restrictions on GitHub.

After you link your FeaturePeek team with a GitHub integration, you'll be asked to create a subscription. If you'd like to use FeaturePeek on a private repo, select the Business Plan (either monthly or annual). You'll need to input a credit card number, but you won't be charged until the end of your two-week free trial. If you'd like to use FeaturePeek on a public repo, you can select the Open Source Plan, and you won't be asked for a credit card. You can upgrade from Open Source to Business at any time from the Billing page.

Once you create a subscription, you'll be prompted to invite people to your team. You can skip this step if you'd like – it's optional, and you can invite anyone to join your team later on the Team page. If you are on the Business Plan, you won't be charged for extra seats until the user confirms their FeaturePeek account.

When you create a new team, you become the team owner and billing contact. Team owners have admin privileges for the team. Billing contacts are able to manage the team's subscription. Each team has its own subscription. If you are a part of multiple teams, then the subscription of each team is managed separately. Open source plans, while free, still require a subscription.
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