The entry path is the initial route your deployment's visitors will land on when reviewing your pull request on FeaturePeek. If your front-end changes only affect the appearance of your website's blog, then you can point the entry path to /blog in order to save your reviewers a click or two. This also updates the thumbnail in your team's Dashboard so that you can easily identify it among other open pull requests.

The easiest way to set the entry path is while you're creating the pull request. Simply include @featurepeek /path/to/my/page anywhere in the pull request body, and FeaturePeek will set the entry path for you. You can also edit the pull request body after the PR is opened, or leave a comment on the PR, and the entry path will be set to the value you @reply the FeaturePeek bot with.

You can also set the entry path in the deployment's settings by clicking its ellipsis menu (...) in the Dashboard.
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