If you specified type: docker in your project's peek.yml file, you have the ability to modify runtime environment variables for each of your project's deployments. Depending on your code, some environment variables may be required for your application to boot up and/or behave correctly.

On your team's Dashboard, click the Settings icon next to your project's name.

Then, scroll down to the "Environment variables" section. Add any key/value pairs you'd like – the keys and values should be separated by an equals sign (=), and each key/value pair should be on its own line. If you have a .env file that you gitignore, you can paste the whole thing in this text area.

Changes you make to your project's environment variables will propagate down to any running deployments within that project. You may need to restart your deployments for those changes to take effect.

If you only want to apply a new set of environment variables for one particular environment, and not the whole project, you can do so in the deployment settings. Click the ellipsis icon (...) on the top right of the card to access the dropdown menu. Then access the environment variables as you would for a project. You may need to restart your deployment for the changes to take effect.

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