A seat is confirmed member on your FeaturePeek team.

Users have the ability to auto-join your FeaturePeek team if they are members of your GitHub org. However, they won't be counted as a seat (and the team won't get billed) until the team owner explicitly approves the user's membership.

Giving someone a seat on your team allows them to:

Create FeaturePeek deployments from the PRs they create
Load private deployments accessible only to your team
Authenticate with their GitHub account, and be notified of activity through GitHub
Comment on pull requests and create new issues from a running FeaturePeek environment as their GitHub user
De-anonymize their page views on deployments
Opt-in to other collaboration features

There are two states a pending team member can be in:

- PENDING CONFIRMATION: this user has not yet accepted your team invitation / confirmed their email address
- PENDING APPROVAL: the team owner not yet approved of this user joining the team

If you see any of the above badges on your team page, it means those users are not counted as a seat, and your team is not getting billed for them. They will not be able to interact with your FeaturePeek team until they accept the team invitation and the team owner approves them.

Read our article titled How does my bill get prorated when seats are added/removed? to learn more about seat proration.
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